Wednesday, 8 October 2008

What's Happening To Me?


Not really. I've been busy minding other people's businesses. In fact, I got a lot of things to blog but I just can't concentrate due to pressing issues that I need to deal with on the RM50 Millions Project that I am handling now. It's just the beginning but I and my team must get the good start! Challenges and limitations? These two things will be part of my quest to a very successful work done!!!

On a lighter part, I had conversation with my GM on "general" matters...

GM : You play golf?
Me : Err..not really. But I have a golf set in my store room. It has been 8 years since my last game at Bukit Tinggi.
GM : Ooooh!
Me : My target to get back at least at the driving range lah...
GM : Better start now....

Another one....

GM : Joseph...when are you going to get one? (Pointing to his Merc E200)
Me : In my dream, Sir...
GM : !!!!!
Me : Put it this way...
Me : You increase my salary 5 to 6 folds then I will decide to buy one if not better than yours. Hehehe
GM : Muahahaha....see how lar..
GM : You better get back to work...

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

How Am I Doing : On My Health

Last Saturday, I collected my nearly annual Full Blood Screening Test (FBST) result. Actually, it was my first FBST that I had ever carried out. Previously, I only took the General Blood Screening Test. The one and only reason why I decided to take the FBST because I’m already above 40 year old and just started my life!! (What am I doing for the last 39 years?? Uuuh!!). Before getting the FBST result, I was expecting several “area of concerns” with regards to general health which I had and still have problems with. My family doctor explained every test done on me. Some with long explanations and some are shorts. My dear gentle readers, allow me to share with you the “area of concerns” here....

Doctor : At your age, in general, you are consider in good health.
Me : .... (I do not know what he meant by that…)
Me : Okaayyy....
Doctor : However....
Me : !!!!!!

Serious & worrying stuff below!!!

Problem No. 1

Doctor : Your glucose level is 5.8 mmol/l (range 3.9 – 5.6). You need to take care of your sugar level intake.
Me : errr…I usually ordered “kurang manis” (less sugar) beverage and occasionally drink Coke. I like to eat fruits.
Doctor : Durian and mango contain high level of sugar. Try to reduce intake of these fruits.
Me : …. (just like he knows what I like to eat...)
Me : Alamak….my favorites fruits!!! Okay..will try to reduce...(sigh!!)
Doctor : Try to control your sugar intake and we’ll check your level again in a month's time.
Me : Ok.

Problem No. 2

Doctor : Your total cholesterol is 6.3!!! (range less than 5.2). For your size, it's a big figure. (I'm 5'10" and weight 74kg)
Me : (sweating.....)
FYI, this is my highest record of Total Cholesterol ever. The lowest recorded was 5.5 done in 2005 but still high.
Doctor : You need to eat more low cholesterol food and do more regular exercises to reduce the level. But my recommendation to you is to prescribe 20mg10mg Covastin daily for three months to solve your problem. By then, we'll check your level again.
Me : But any side effect?
Doctor : Not to worry. The prescription has no side effect and will definitely reduce your cholesterol level.
Me : Ok. Will try the pills.
Me : But, can I use back the same pills that my last family doctor proposed. It's the same actually.
Doctor : Sure you can. But, please return to have a check again.
Me : Ok. Sure.

You know, my other ex family doctor suggested the same but I refused because fear of side effect. I took the pills but kept them in the drawer. Instead, I resorted to diet control and to certain extend, successful managed to lower the level by 0.5. At home, my wife cooks using Grape-seeds & Olive Oil only. But outside especially when I’m at work, is totally another story where we always indulge in devilish delicious food and lots of seafood. Life is too short and so, who to blame? Hmmmm….. I’m sure going to miss most of them (the food).

But then again, I have other concerns that the doctor did not highlight to me….

First, my CA 19.9 level….at the moment it is still at the safe level which is 24.1 u/ml but I’m not far out from 37. Potential problem : Colon Cancer

Second, the Homocysteine level which is at 12.5 umol/l (range 5 – 15). Potential problem : Heart attack and stroke. (Please see second pic)

Third, my hs-C Reactive Protein which is 5.7 mg/l higher by 1.0 mg/l. (Please see second pic) Remember “An Encounter With A Unique CMD” in my previous posting. The CMD mentioned to me about “burning” liver. Now, I understand what he meant. It’s this protein that the liver produces that correlates with inflammation in the body and the best predictor of ……. again heart attack!! Alamak!!! I still cough (it’s still normally dry) but I realized that I now have cough less. But people says coughing is good especially when you get a heart attack!!! I will continue to cough then!!! Muahaha….(Sigh!!! again...).

You see, let me tell you a little bit of my family health history. Both my parents died due to cancer and both of them were heavy smokers. Mum was 43 year and dad was 72 year old. My mum died when I was in my 2nd year in University. My dad died 10 years after that. I got a friend (schoolmate) who died of heart attack in his early thirties who was also a heavy smokers and good eater. He leaves a wife with a kid.

You see, I used to be very athletic. I love sports very much. I used to run 10km with little sweat daily during my school days and represent my school in long distance run. I used to play serious squash in my University and represent my University and State. I was a very fit person. But, that was many-many years ago. The problem now is, my belly looks bigger than my chest. I want to start exercising again. Yes, let this be my resolution for my mid-life crisis, to start exercising at home. Sweating profusely at yard will not count. Hahaha……

You see, just like my other fellow blogger here ;
I want to become young again.
I want to see my daughter grows until I’m not able to control her.
I want to get and give my love to my family.
I want to become old gracefully but yet still healthy.
I want to live forever.

I’m not in the panic mode and I will still take whatever (food) serve to me but now with reduce intake as advised by my new family doctor. I'm under control of myself.

No matter what the challenges ahead, I want to enjoy my life to the fullest. God willing.

If you are 40 and above and started to enjoy life better than ever, please go and have a FBST. It's only MYR 280. It's worth to know "where" you are.

This month is the fasting month for my muslim friends. A very good time to control my diet as well. Not forgetting also, to all my muslim friends, Selamat Berpuasa.

Monday, 25 August 2008

I'm A (Very) Dedicated Employee

I got stomach aches today and my visits to toilet is nothing less than 5 times and counting. This means, I got to drink lots of water and also isotonic drinks!!! (Proven effective to me). Just to tell you one story here, as an employee who is on the J.O.B. (Just Obey Boss) and working for his boss for survival, I have to answer calls from my big boss(es) regardless where I am and what I am doing. Well, most of us do that and some don't. Nevertheless, while in one of my visit to my favourite dung toilet room answering nature's call, I got a call from my boss. It goes something like this....

Boss's Secretary : Hello Joseph, boss wants to speak to you.
Me : Hello, err...Ok.
Boss : HELLO!!
Me : Hello
Boss : HELLO!! HELLO!!
Me : Hello, sir.
Boss : I want you to instruct the HSE to start preparing their HSE Programme for the project.
Me : Mmmmh...(meaning a "Yes" in our culture. You can imagine, what others think if I say "Yes, Yes, Yes," etc in the toilet. But I use "Mmmmh" for other means as well especially when you are answering nature's call, sort of killing two bird with one stone).
Boss : I want you to prepare the Organization Chart also, so that we can discuss in tomorrow's meeting.
Me : Mmmmh
Boss : HELLO!!
Me : I'm listening, sir
Boss : Got it?
Me : Mmmmh!!
Boss : You know all these are part of the milestone payments and we need to get them completed ASAP.
Me : Mmmmhhh!!!
Boss : Okay, I'm currently evaluating the Cabin Offices and you please get these things organize for tomorrow's meeting.

We finished our converstion and I finished my "business" there. It's multi-tasking in a way. Ahemm, you know, I'm not disgusting but I'm just a (very) dedicated or stupid employee.